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10 ways to identify if Digital Transformation will suit your business.

I read a blog recently #myprosperity #matthewgreen , about how “opportunity knocks” for businesses to take the Digital Transformation journey. This blog highlighted statistics from an ANZ Insight Report that estimates
Digital Tools will save SME’s $385 billion each year and approximately 22 million hours of effort each week.
The opportunity for small, medium and enterprise business to transform their business processes is simply incredible.

This got me thinking. How can business identify if there is opportunity for them to transform a process from paper / manual to digital? Here are 10 easy identifiers. If you are doing any of these tasks then there is opportunity for you to digitise the process and add some of the ANZ’s estimated $385 billion dollars to your bottom line.

10 easy identifiers
  1. Are you using paper or any pre printed forms for orders, data entry, approval processes, reviews, inductions or safety checks.
  2. Do you have digital forms that you print out to complete only to enter the data into a system and file the form?
  3. Do you use email for workflow?
  4. Are you looking to employ more staff to perform data entry #accounts receivable #accounts payable.
  5. Do you store paper documents in filing cabinets, do you scan paper documents to store digitally at the end of their lifecycle OR do you pay to store your files off site?
  6. Does your process workflow fluctuate between digital, paper, digital, paper, digital etc This means there is a really good chance you are duplicating processes, utilising multiple tools PLUS your businesses visibility and control of the workflow will be poor.
  7. Do you have a paper based compliance check list for purchases and the purchase delegation process?
  8. Do you have multiple points / line of business applications where the data you capture needs to be entered?
  9. Do you have mobile staff, multiple sites and numerous managers approving documents?
  10. If you are currently looking to renew you Photocopier / Print Contract and are simply comparing price and print volumes to what you implemented 3, 4 or 5 years ago STOP!!!! This is a great opportunity to understand “what you are printing” and therefore you will be pointed to the business process you can transform immediately.
Are you inspired

If any of these resinate with you and the business you either own or work in, then there are many hours and lots of cash to be saved. If you want to find out how Cypher IQ can help you visit or reach out via linkedin.


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