Business Process Automation.

Business Process Automation.

The Business Process Automation market is booming. Over the next 2 years the market is forecast to grow to over 27 billion dollar per annum in sales in Australia alone. This is an increase by over 15 billion dollars from todays mark in just two years.


What is it? and What should I look for when implementing the technology?

Business Process Automation  is a term given to technology that can streamline and automate complex business processes. There are a wide range of technology systems that will contribute parts of what is required. Tech such as Intelligent Capture (scanning tech), Digital Forms (web, mobile, forms), Workflow Systems, and Data Integration Platforms to name a few. You may have heard of some specific general descriptions of tech such as workflow robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. These features will generally figure prominently in the technology required to Automate Complex Business Processes as well.

So as a Manager or Business Owner what do you need to know when looking to implement such technology? Lets cut through the jargon! Here are 3 things you should look for.


1/ Engage an Expert in Business Process Automation

Most of the time these systems are set up and configured / programmed to suit your particular needs. This means you will need to consult with an expert. Any software you “buy” off the shelf will have limitations or you will have to fit your business  processes to the software’s capability. This could ultimately cost you more in wasted time, and poor process than what it would to engage an expert. An expert in this field will help you define the technology required to produce the outcome your need.


2/ Cut through the jargon.

At the end of the day the marketing jargon provides you with no understanding of what you will get out of the technology. Jargon such as “workflow robots”, “machine learning”, “artificial intelligence”, “rapid automation” and the list goes on and on and on………  are simply designed to capture the attention of the end user. My tip to you. Define what you want to achieve. Understand the processes involved. Understand the People involved in the process. The technology required will be what it will be in order to achieve your outcome. I will guarantee you will use technology aforementioned to achieve your outcome.


3/ Look for an opportunity to leverage the technology across the entire business.

Business Process Automation technology has been traditionally very siloed in its capabilities. This means you will need numerous types of tech in order to reach the outcome you want to achieve. This can get difficult for you to manage as you will have:

  • Separate licencing – user, volume, concurrent. Makes it confusing to manage
  • Changes in tech affecting other parts of the solution
  • Potentially separate vendors – who do we go to for help?
  • Separate user interfaces can be difficult for users
  • Multiple logins and user permissions to manage

All these factors add to the complexity of implementation and management. The crazy thing is the industry is BOOMING because of what outcomes in cost reduction, improved customer engagement, and employee satisfaction to name a few.


Cypher IQ Digital

At Cypher IQ Digital we have developed a Digital Workflow Automation Platform that can manage ALL your Business Process Automation needs. We have all the “Tech” you need in a single platform. This makes it easy for businesses to engage with us as we are a one stop shop for providing Business Process Automation. We can engage with your business to define and discover opportunities and benefits, we absolutely cut through the jargon to focus on the outcomes you need and our Platform to delivering amazing solutions we have developed locally for the Australian Market.

We have configured our Digital Workflow Platform Technology to be able to be implemented at any level. Teams, Departments or the entire Workplace can take advantage.

Just remember the hardest part of starting your Business Process Automation journey is STARTING.

Reach out and lets discuss what you want to achieve!

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