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Delivering more than just a tech solution for one busy not-for-profit

Australian Independent Distributor Alliance

“Like every business if you don’t continually evolve you limit the potential for you business. We have an amazing merchandising team. We have an amazing technology platform.

Why wouldn’t we look to provide greater services to our Distributor Alliance Partners and our Supplier Partners. Without the continued involvement, support and Innovation suggestions of Cypher IQ this journey would be so much harder”


Jamie Sullivan - General Manager



Marg and the team decided to initially roll out Cypher IQ for their accounts payable department, and the solution is also gradually being integrated into other business functions, including community payments, staff reimbursements and credit card payments.


The app provides accounts payable with an audit trail, so that nothing can be lost. As Marg explains, “it makes the approval process so much easier, because everything can now be logged and accessed online from multiple locations. We can see what’s in the system at any given time, along with who it’s with, and how long they’ve had it – which improves transparency and accountability, speeds up our approval processes and safeguards the quality of our records.”


“The solution itself is fantastic,” reports Marg. “It’s been 100% customised to fit our requirements, and it’s also scalable, which fits into our requirement for a solution that could be rolled out gradually. It’s also really easy to use – which was a top priority for us. If we’d introduced something that was too complicated, it just wouldn’t work, because everyone is extremely busy and hard-working, and there is literally no downtime to be able to get to grips with complicated new technology.”


Beyond the capabilities of the solution itself, Marg says that what most stood out about Cypher IQ was actually less about the technology itself and more about the team behind the app. “We needed more than just a piece of tech,” she explains. “We wanted a provider who we could form an ongoing working relationship with. Because our requirements are quite complex, a lot of the competitor organisations didn't quite grasp what we needed. What made the difference with Cypher IQ was the level of skill, insight and support offered by the entire team. They just got it – and once they fully understood the details of our policies and procedures, they implemented everything and got us up and running surprisingly quickly, and with the minimum of fuss.”

INDUSTRY: Not For Profit



CHALLENGE: Processing invoices quickly and in a compliant fashion.



SOLUTION: Ledger IQ complete Finance Department Automation.



to retail outlets, convenience stores, and schools throughout Australia. AIDA also provides independent Merchandising for some of the most recognised brands in the world let alone Australia.

Brands such as Red Bull, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Unilever, NuPure, Peters, Mondelez and Patties.


AIDA’s unique position provides opportunity for distributors and beverage suppliers to gain more shelf space in a retail store which ultimately provides greater opportunity to sell more product.


Jamie SullIvan General Manager of AIDA explains:”Providing and managing shelf space for suppliers is a complex task. We gather monthly sales data from distributors as well as fridge / shop audits to supply the suppliers with coal face data of sales. The process of gathering, compiling and reporting on this was complex, time consuming, but ultimately essential for our business. We knew we had to get online to streamline these processes but we didn’t know how”.


Create a custom portal that enables ALL STAKEHOLDERS (suppliers, distributors, merchandisers,sales managers and AIDA Management) to access relevant information as it happens and in an automated fashion.


Jamie Says: “We can now upload monthly data (hundreds of thousands of lines of data per month) quickly. The system automatically collates and highlights data irregularities. Our suppliers have their own login to access relevant coal face sales data which helps drive their marketing and product development. We manage sales calls, perform fridge audits and do sales orders all online”.

Learn how YOUR business will benefit from digitising your Finance Department
Learn how YOUR business will benefit from digitising your Finance Department


Marg reports that there has been zero documentation loss since implementation. “Having an audit trail means that everything can be so much more easily and accurately tracked, cross-referenced, approved and paid than we ever could before.”


While the previous approval process meant that Marg could only process about 70 invoices a week, now she’s able to process around 70 per day. “It’s given me complete visibility, with staff being able process and approve invoices from anywhere, whether on their mobiles, at home, or in the office.”


Marg is also full of praise for the team behind Cypher IQ. “They have been with us every step of the way, and made our journey to paperless easier than I’d ever thought possible. To be able to call them up anytime I have a problem has been a huge help. Nothing is too much trouble, and whenever there’s anything that needs fixing, it just gets done. Cypher IQ do an amazing job, I really can’t fault them.”