Trust the outcomes and proven results from some of our customers!

Click on any of our customers testimonials to find their full case study

Trust the outcomes and proven results from some of our customers!

Click on any of our customers testimonials to find their full case study

Customer testimonals.

“The team are very much focused on how they can make the software do what we want, rather than expecting us to modify what we do to fit in with the software. Their product is highly flexible and adaptable, and it’s already been very highly rated by the team here.”

Phillip Blackford – CFO

“The Cypher IQ system has allowed us to free up administration time, provide a better customer experience, and reduce costs associated with IT and business management.”

Chad White – Managing Director

“The Cypher IQ Platform has greatly reduced the time spent on intensive tasks, it’s saved us at least 12 days per month of Administration time”

Jono Dunn – Director

“We knew we had to digitise our processes in order to grow and provide a better service for our customers. Cypher IQ enabled us to do this.”

Jamie Sullivan – General Manager

“Cypher IQ take the time to truly understand your business, they completely tailored a solution to meet our requirements. Cypher IQ have proven themselves as technology experts. They have delivered an incredible solution and are always looking to add value to improve our business processes. The team offer a service that provides a business solution not a product, this is why we decided to partner with them.”

Luke Crump – General Manager

“What made the difference with Cypher IQ was the level of skill, insight and support offered by the entire team. They just got it – and once they fully understood the details of our policies and procedures, they implemented everything and got us up and running surprisingly quickly, and with the minimum of fuss.”

Marg Grierson – Accounts Administrator

“The Cypher IQ System has enabled Mainstream Industries (MSI) to register ISO level accreditation as well as demonstrate to our staff that we have a high regard for their safety. Our customers also understand that Safety is our First Priority when on their sites.”

Matthew McBean – HSEC Manager

“It has enabled me to spend more time doing more
productive things like growing the business,
talking to clients, talking to my agents
who are looking at new opportunities”

Phil Riddington – National Business Development Manager

“What stood out for us is that in the demo we just flew questions at them, and they were open to doing anything that we wanted, and happy to look into making anything work,” recalls Taryn, “it’s probably that customisable piece that Cypher IQ offers that sold us”.

Taryn Peck – Accounts Manager