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5 Key Points to uncover Digital Transformation Opportunities in your Business!

Ok, so you’ve heard about the BUZZ term for technology implementations “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION”.

Lets break it down and put some real life context to what this may mean for your business.

1/ Where do I start?

If your looking at technology as a service or product before understanding and clearly defining what your business strategy is, then you have put the cart before the horse!

First thing you need to do is make sure you have a Business Strategy. Once you have a Business Strategy you can apply a DIGITAL FRAMEWORK which will help you identify what technology is required to achieve your business strategy. Ideally you will be able to engage someone (Hello Cypher IQ Digital) to help you identify, prioritise, manage and implement projects.

2/ What will it cost?

How long is a piece of string? What are you doing? It’s easy to get information regarding ROI on digitising business processes BUT why get caught up in the mainstream statistics?

You know your business, do you understand the impacts of NOT digitising your processes today? If you didn’t then you wouldn’t be looking to transform your business processes.

Cost will be a factor. But bring this question back to your business strategy. What Is the cost of NOT DIGITISING YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES? Digitising them will be a NO BRAINER decision.

3/ What results will I get?

So you have a Business Strategy. You have a Digital Framework set. Now its time to implement technology. This MUST include Project Management and Change Management. Engage a provider that can assist your business through this. If they understand your goals and objectives they will help you drive the technology implementation as well as manage change with your team.

4/ How long will it take?

This will be part of your project plan. What obstacles do you expect to encounter? What is the time line for implementation? Are there third party providers that you are reliant on? Depending upon the technology and integration complexity the HOW LONG could be days, weeks or months. BUT whatever it is you should be made well aware up front in the project plan on how the roll out will be structured.

5/ What technology will I need?

Depending on the size of your business, the number of employees, your customer interaction, number of sites and if your staff are mobile this is how you would differentiate.

• Do you need a specific business process APP? – smaller businesses can utilise these resources.
• Do you need a platform that can manage multiple business processes, client engagements and data integrations? – 20+ seats, mobile staff, multi site, compliance management required. You should be looking at a PLATFORM
• Do you need a website upgrade? – can you implement sales interactions from your website?
• Do you need a CRM? – sales management, customer journey management required?
• Do you need a finance system change? – legacy systems can be expensive to integrate to.

You want to make sure you have minimal data and document repositories. Your best bet maybe to implement a “PLATFORM” approach that can digitise and automate, Human Resources, Finance, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Client Engagement, Workplace Health and Safety, Scheduling and Communications. This will limit the amount of systems, its easier to onboard staff, less access points, will be cheaper in the long run and more importantly can limit the amount of digital systems for your business.

If you would like to learn more about Digital Transformation Successes. Touch base and lets organise a meeting.


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