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Digital Transformation – Finance and Invoice Automation Service from MYOB to SAP.

Let’s face it. The world is going digital. Banking, social media, communications, medical records, etc etc etc it’s not a matter of IF it’s just a matter of WHEN.

For most businesses it’s difficult to keep up with what they need and how they can achieve digital process transformation. They may have gone to the cloud for their accounting system, used office 365 or scanned records to a network directory. BUT there are a heap of involvement, duplication, cost and time spent with information before you enter data into your accounting package or scan documents digitally. Let’s be honest most people will find it difficult to keep up with what technology they require to digitise a process, getting lost in the licencing and pricing models offered, or simply don’t know who to call?

That’s why our mantra at Cypher IQ is to make the Digital Transformation journey for business EASY! Our system is a “swiss army knife” of solutions aimed at allowing business to step through the Digital Transformation journey.

One such solution package is our Finance and Invoice Automation Service. This service offers a wholistic service for your Finance Department to automate the capture, creation and processing of information. We cater for Purchase Orders, Reimbursement Claims, Subsistence Claims, Travel allowances, Credit Card Purchases, Purchase Requests and of course Invoice Capture. Approval workflows based upon your business hierarchy, delegation and audit requirements can be built in as well as data integration to databases from MYOB Live to SAP. Plus of course documents are stored with the audit trail of approval actions made.

This is a great way to start your Digital Transformation journey. Attacking a process in which every business has, which involves many staff / departments and sites. You can then add other requirements in the future such as Workplace Health and Safety checklists, asset inspections, risk assessments, site inductions, HR employee performance reviews / inductions / employee onboarding OR any process that may be particular to your industry.


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