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General FAQ’s


What are Cypher IQ products?

Cypher IQ products are a business process automation platform. From Serverless Intelligent Capture, Document Capture via photo, email and scanned documents/images to Document Creation via Mobile and Online Digital Forms technology. Cypher IQ products have both the tech advances as well as functionality features such as workflow, content management and integrations to allow your business to 

GO PAPERLESS with a single application.


What infrastructure do I need to install Cypher IQ products?

We have taken away any requirement for expensive servers and licensing models and created a 100% cloud-based software as a service or “SaaS”.  As long as you have internet access you can verify information, process information, access and approve documents.


Who can use Cypher IQ products?

Changing from paper process to digital can take getting use to. The benefits are massive for every business. If your staff can access the internet they will be able to use Cypher IQ products. Our mantra is “Digital Transformation Made Easy”. So from user access, usability, management and licensing we have specifically designed our system to ENABLE business transformation.


I’m worried about security of my information. What security does Cypher IQ products have?

Security of information is extremely important. All Cypher IQ products are hosted in Microsoft Azure platform in Australia. All sites have SSL’s which provides the highest level of security available.

Where do I get Sales and Support from?

We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated business. Our development, support and sales are located here in Australia. We can offer phone, 1:1 or B2B consultancy. It really depends on how complex your digital transformation project is. Send us an enquiry, email: or call 02 8003 5560 and we can chat!

Expense, Invoice Automation, Purchase to Pay

What does the Expense and Invoice Automation Package Include?

Finance teams don’t just process invoices. There are many other payment processes, document approvals, checks and balances that need to take place. The Cypher IQ Expense and Invoice Automation package provides a wholistic finance department approach. This package provides not only Invoice Capture, PO cross matching, data extraction and workflow approval BUT also provides digital forms for your entire team to process Kilometer claims, reimbursements, subsistence travel claims, requests for purchasing, credit card purchase requests as well as bank account change requests. 


What Finance and ERP systems can Cypher IQ Expense and Invoice integrate with?

We can work with any system that has an API, ODBC connector or at worst CSV file imports/exports. Common platforms like MYOB, Account Right Live, MYOB Essentials, Xero, Reckon One, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Microsoft Navision are available via our inbuilt connectors/API integrations or Microsoft Azure platform.


I have a unique export requirement that enables me to manage and report on purchases.

Can the Cypher IQ apps Expense and Invoice Automation module cope with this?

Every business processes and manages invoices differently. Cypher IQ products are extremely flexible to be able to cope with unique documents or unique document workflows and reporting requirements.


Our business has a multi-tiered delegation process based upon invoice amounts.

How can Cypher IQ apps Expense and Invoice Automation help?

Not only does Cypher IQ Expense and Invoice Automation utilize a revolutionary data analysis engine but we also provide businesses with the capability to manage invoice workflows. Whether this is a compliance requirement or a spending governance requirement.

Our expense and invoice automation package will manage your workflows based upon your business rules PLUS provide you with a complete audit trail of actions performed by staff.