Consolidate, automate and improve efficiency.

Digital workflow automation software – access your data anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

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Cypher IQ Digital workflow automation software allows you to consolidate, automate and improve efficiency within your business operations.

A platform designed just for you.

The Cypher IQ digital workflow automation software is designed specifically for your business. We provide a full process analysis of your business and develop software to capture all of your digital workflow needs.

Share information throughout your organisation
Simple to use data capturing forms and resources
 Easy to use dashboard
Mobile friendly for when you are on the go
Accessible anywhere, anytime.

digital workflow automation software shown on computer screem

Easily access and share data across your organisation.

Digital workflow software diagram showing connection with different departments

Access and share data.

With Cypher IQ, you can easily access and share data across your organisation. Whether it be an expense claim or a more complex workflow and process automation – we create a single platform to capture it all.

Access information instantly
Capture invoicing, receipts and purchase orders
Capture HR data requirements
Manage staff time sheets, claims and expenses
Fully integrates with other software

Access all your business data on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud based technology.

The Cypher IQ Digital Workflow platform is cloud based technology using Microsoft Azure to provide the highest level of security and backup with encryption. Our locally situated hosting servers enable the fastest link to all your data when you need it.

Microsoft Azure Platform
Encrypted Data
Two factor Authentication
Secure backups
Staff access control

Digital workflow automation diagram of cloud based software

Access control by people, process or team.

Digital workflow automation software connects all your processes and data in one easy to use system

Access and share data.

The system allows for different levels of access depending on staff needs. Set access control for front-line staff, administration,
co-ordinators and Management teams.

Access control for Departments
Access control for People
Administration Access

Cypher IQ Digital technology has got your workflow needs covered.

Real Time Notifications

Receive notifications via SMS or email in real-time to ensure your workflows keep flowing.

Feature Rich Forms

We create and customise forms to capture data designed to suit your organisational needs

Always Accessible

Staff have complete access to realt-time data and updates anytime and anywhere

Reporting & Analytics

User friendly dashboard makes generating reports, statistics and analytics easy to access.

Financial Data Capture

Capture all financial data including invoices, reimbursements, purchase orders and much more.

Complete Integration

Fully integrates with finance, CRM, websites, organisational and third-party applications.

Stay Connected

Allows all staff, clients and contractors to stay connected and in control of workflow information

Data Security

Cloud Hosted technology provides the highest level of security and backup with encryption

Make your business more productive.

Cypher IQ digital workflow software makes your business more productive by bringing together your people, processes and data in a single platform. Designed around your specific needs, it will save you time, save you money and increase efficiency within your business.

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Our digital worflow solutions are designed for your individual business needs. Discover our workflow process to deliver a better experience for your team.

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