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Have your entire finance department digitised and automated!

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your entire finance department digitised and automated? Ever wondered what it would do for your business?

From a basic understanding of technology the ability to utilise data from a pdf or paper invoice or the ability to integrate data from a invoice is all well and good. However most medium to large business will have more complexities to their bills and employee claims processes than just basic data entry. Workflows, reimbursement forms, ability to three way check against PO’s, custom integrated data, kilometre claims, leave applications, audit compliance, linking jobs to users, delegation authority management, aged payables / eft summary approval, credit card usage management, petty cash management, authorisation for staff to access their finance documents as well as understand where they are in the process of approval blah blah blah blah the list goes on.

Managing the above is a large task for any Finance Team. The task is more often than not made harder due to these processes being extremely paper reliant, often inefficient due to staff not providing details in a timely manner, managers working across multiple sites with limited access to information for approvals, and differing technology availability (email, scanning, paper etc etc) to capture the information and manage the workflows.

Today’s finance department doesn’t need to be hectic. Cypher IQ Finance Department Application enables you to manage ALL the above in a simple to use web based application. Combining our locally developed and supported Australian-made technology, we provide a platform for business to manage their entire finance department with a business wide application designed to provide staff with the freedom and convenience to submit and access their finance department documents from any web enabled device. We provide a platform that enables a business to have complete visibility and management of ALL finance documents in an easy to use workflow system that will integrate into your existing finance package.

Your finance Department doesn’t need to be over run  with outdated systems. Find out how our customers have achieved upwards of a 400% increase in processing times utilising the Cypher IQ Finance Department Application.


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