How does digital transformation improve your remote work arrangements?

How does digital transformation improve your remote work arrangements?

Cypher IQ Digital is well known for developing and managing applications that enable businesses to digitise, automate, integrate and mobilise their business processes. In a nut shell allow businesses to operate essential business processes from any device from anywhere you can access the internet.

The one common piece of feedback our customers tell us is that they wouldn’t be able to run their business as effectively as they do without having digitised their key critical business processes. Cypher IQ Digital has developed some amazing integrated systems but it is the digitisation of everyday processes like accounts payable, workplace health and safety, job management, payroll, CRM, human resources, and enrolments / applications, where the greatest benefits can be realised . The businesses who have invested in digital technology “YESTERDAY” are finding “TODAY” easier to navigate.

Here is our top 5 ways digital workflows can improve your remote work arrangements!

1. Business as usual

You should be able to run your business, and perform required business functions anywhere, at any time from any web enabled device

2. Save Time

Cut travel times, cut processing times, find information immediately, reduce the time taken to perform tedious tasks

3. Save Money

Reduce office rent, improve staff productivity, eliminate office expenses like printing and paper, reduce fleet expenses, reduce reimbursements

4. Information happens in “REAL TIME”

It actually gets easier for people to manage. Information is LIVE, you can view workloads, access workload reports and prioritise what needs to happen

5. Security

Track, control and access information securely.

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