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Cypher IQ create workflow automation solutions for any sized organisation. Fit-for-purpose and designed to suit your needs.

Workflow automation solutions – no matter what industry, improving workflow efficiencies is possible.

With the right business partner to provide, manage and assist in the change management process, digital workflow automation solutions are achievable.

That is where Cypher IQ Digital can help. Our specialist team can provide digital workflow solutions for all types of organisations, right across Australia.

Our unique software allows for improved job scheduling, integrated intelligent forms, and a range of other intelligent and automated process functions designed to help your business speed-up workflows, improve daily efficiencies and keep everyone connected.

Whether you require a solution for a not-for-profit business, or in need of a solution in the mining or training sectors, Cypher IQ Digital can assist businesses across all industry groups to automate their business processes on a flexible single platform.

Cypher IQ also offers dedicated project management and custom software design services, so you know your digital workflow solution is fit for purpose.

Increase productivity within your business.

Cypher IQ digital workflow software makes your business more productive by bringing together your people, processes and data in a single platform. Designed around your specific needs, it will save you time, save you money and increase efficiency within your business.

Our digital workflow finance package solution includes:

Purchase Order Creation

Includes delegation process

Intelligent Invoice Capture

Extract data and cross reference Purchase Orders and Financial Information

Reimbursement Claim Form

Mobile staff can process Reimbursement Claims from any web enabled device. Claims follow required delegation process

Kilometer Claims

Staff can claim km via any web enabled device

Custom FORM and Data Integrations

Customisation is available for any workflow or integration piece. Available upon request.

Delegation Audit Trail

Every action is reference for audit compliance

XERO Integration

Integrate into all tables of Xero

Credit Card Approval

Follow required processed for credit card spending requests

My Dashboard

Staff can access all historical claims via their own personal user dashboard

MYOB AR Integration

Integrate into all tables of MYOB AR

Invoice Workflow for Delegation

Manage your compliance requirements and follow delegation rules based upon Job and costs

Subsistence Travel Claim

Manage mobile staff via the subsistence travel claims

Finance Reporting

Snr Mgt can access live finance reports on all finance processes

digital workflow automation software shown on computer screem

Keeping all your staff, clients, contractors and collaborators connected.

The Cypher IQ cloud based technology keeps all of your staff and collaborators connected with real-time accessibility and notifications. No matter if project collaborators are off-site and working remotely, Cypher IQ Digital software keep everyone connected, anytime and anywhere around the globe.

Plus, our software is fully responsive allowing you to access data in real-time on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

Job Management – Real Time Job Processing
Accounts Receivable Automation
SMS and Email notifications to employees
Finance Department Automation with Mobile access
Data integration and Key Process Reporting dashboards.

Industry and departmental solutions.

Our digital worflow solutions are designed for your individual business needs. Discover our workflow process to deliver a better experience for your team.

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