The complete Partnership to accelerate your Digital Transformation.

Joint Venture.

Cypher IQ Digital and First Rock Consulting collaborate to offer you their combined expertise and inovative tech in expanding your businesses operational capabilities.

Maximise the expertise of leading Business Advisory / Strategic planning Consultant (First Rock Consulting) with Digital Workflow Automation experts (Cypher IQ Digital) to assist you in leveraging technology to improve your compliance, reduce costs, gain valuable labour resources, and improve customer and employee experiences.
The Joint Venture between Cypher IQ Digital and First Rock Consulting is designed to provide Businesses with the complete end to end Digital Transformation service.


Ultimate Digital Workflow Platform

Make your business more productive by bringing together your people, processes and data in a single platform.
Designed around your specific needs, it will save you time, save you money and increase efficiency within your business.

Build your own workflow platform.

Unlimited user licensing.
Custom integrations available.

Our No Code, Low Code technology

Made for your business.

“Successful Digital Transformation is all about having the correct strategy in place. By joining forces with First Rock Consulting we are able to partner with a leading Business Advisor to enable a holistic approach to technology implementation. This will no doubt lead to some outstanding outcomes for our clients.”

Cameron Lawes – Founder and Director, Cypher IQ Digital

Strategy & Innovation Practice

FRC is a leading Innovation Practice that has developed & commercialised innovation accelerators, innovation labs, start-up community hubs and ecosystems and innovation incubators.

Commercial Market Development

Assisting businesses by directly engaging in either existing or new potential markets/industries.

Digitisation Transformation Practice

Business Advisory Practice

“Collaborating with an experienced and trusted partner such as Cypher IQ Digital allows First Rock Consulting to provide our customers the opportunity to further accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

Mitchell Filby – Director, First Rock Consulting

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