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The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors
“What made the difference with Cypher IQ was the level of skill, insight and support offered by the entire team. They just got it – and once they fully understood the details of our policies and procedures, they implemented everything and got us up and running surprisingly quickly, and with the minimum of fuss.”


Marg Grierson - Accounts Administrator


NSW Rural Doctors Network
"The team are very much
focused on how they can
make the software do what
we want, rather than expecting us to modify what we do to fit in with the software.
Their product is highly flexible and adaptable, and it’s already been very highly rated by the team here."


Phillip Brackfrod - CFO

NSW Rural Doctors Network

Australian Independent Distributor Alliance

“Like every business if you don’t continually evolve you limit the potential for you business.

We have an amazing merchandising team. We have an amazing technology platform. Why wouldn’t we look to provide greater services to our Distributor Alliance Partners and our Supplier Partners.

Without the continued involvement, support and Innovation suggestions of Cypher IQ this journey would be so much harder”


Jamie Sullivan - General Manager