Paperless Workflows are EASY

with Cypher IQ Digital

NDIS Referral and Recruitment

Streamline the repetitive and multiple workflow processes into a paperless solution with Cypher IQ Digital Workflow Platform, that’s just easy.

Advanced workflow experts.

Cypher IQ Digital’s Workflow Platform is the only program that combines all your workflow needs for the ENTIRE business in ONE easy to use platform.


Complete end to end workflow platform for ALL your NDIS referral and Recruitment workflows.

• Contact CRM
• Public Recruitment Form
• Public Referral Form
• Customised Internal Workflows
• Customised NDIS Calculator
• Instant Alerts for Applicants and Internal Staff
• Management Workflows Dashboard
• 100% Cloud Based for remote workforce

“What made the difference with Cypher IQ was the level of skill, insight and support offered by the entire team. They just got it – and once they fully understood the details of our policies and procedures, they implemented everything and got us up and running surprisingly quickly, and with the minimum of fuss.”

Marg Grierson – Accounts Administrator

Your business benefits.

With so many business benefits to make your NDIS Referral and Recruiitment workflows Paperless, building your ultimate workflow for today’s digital market has never been easier.

  • Automate communication

  • Eliminate duplication

  • Eliminate data entry

  • Instant visibility and tracking

  • Instant reporting

  • Complete end to end workflow management

“Very Positive experience. CIQ have a proactive management team with a thorough
understanding / appreciation of our Business processes which has allowed for implementation to be pain free. The Platform has saved us in excess of 12 days of admin time per month”

Jono Dunn – Director

Paperless NDIS Referral and Recruitment workflows

are easy with Cypher IQ Digital.

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