We’ve all been impacted by the global pandemic COVID-19. If you were to set up a business today OR if you’re a legacy business, what are the 5 things you would do now to digitally transform your business?

1/ Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud.

What many people have experienced is the requirement to access business applications, documents, data, communication and video conferencing as well as tracking employee performance and compliance remotely. If you had your systems in the cloud it would not matter where your staff are located. Capture (scanning) creation (forms), workflows, data integration and data / document storage should all be accessible on any web enabled device. Business applications such as CRM, finance systems should be online. Technically you should be able to run your business from your smart phone.

2/ Automate and digitise all processes.

If you were to set up a business today, you would be looking to do this in the most cost effective way. Automating and digitising processes (there are key differences) will save you money, make you money as well as ensure you are compliant. Today’s world isn’t about documents it’s about data and information. The flow of information to get the final data recorded in these systems is what your staff do day in day out. Managing information, collating information, building information, communicating information is critical. No matter what type of business you run, information is the core component. Why wouldn’t you look to limit your risk, limit your expense, improve your customer experience, as well as grow your business without growing your costs?

3/ Leadership.

Digital transformation needs to be championed from the top. Digital transformation should be part of every businesses strategy (you couldn’t imagine starting a business today and thinking you will be competitive with manual, paper based processes). It will be a key component to help increase revenue, decrease costs, improve customer relations, and improve employee engagement. It’s a fantastic opportunity to understand the processes and nuances of your business requirements. Engage your employees and be part of the transformation.

4/ Limit where data is stored.

Businesses should be limiting the amount of places where data is stored – limit the amount of silo applications you run. We see it often. Business has an app for this, and app for that, forms are stored here, this form is digital , this one is paper based, you need to fill out an excel when you do that………etc etc………..This will mean looking for a wholistic solution which is capable of running multiple business processes simultaneously. This will limit the amount of places your data is stored, staff will find it easier to use, it will be easier to onboard staff as well as being able to go to a single point for all data and compliance requirements. It will simplify your life as a business leader. Engaging with data integration experts, or digital process experts will assist you to make this a reality.

5/ Be excited about the opportunities.

Technology can do amazing things for your business. It’s time to embrace it! understand it as much as you need to. Understand that your staff will thank you for implementing technology as it will help them do their job better which will ultimately help the business performance.

Don’t waste this crisis. Use this opportunity to digitally transform your business.