Yes, it’s that good.

Transform your business with an amazing Digital Automation Platform.

You will wonder how you ever did business without it.

Build your own workflow platform.

Unlimited user licensing.

Custom integrations available.

Paperless Workflows are EASY

with Cypher IQ Digital

The Cypher IQ Digital Workflow Platform is designed to be the complete
end-to-end workflow platform for your entire business.

Our “Australian Made” and supported technology enables you to enhance the capabilities of your exisiting Business Applications, Finance Systems and CRM’s by automating their Workflows, Forms, Documents and Data.

Cypher IQ Digital Workflow Platform

from the advanced workflow experts.


Complete end to end workflow platform that will enhance your entire business process.

Quick to setup
Easy to use
Customisable for your needs
Cost effective

There are so many benefits in making your Business Workflows Paperless.

Eliminate data entry
Eliminate duplication
Instant messaging
Instant approvals
Instant reporting
Eliminate costs associaciated with paper, priting, filing and storage
Perfect for the remote/mobile workforce
Business continuity

Help, I don’t know where to start.

Does your business have a specific area that needs help, checkout our TURN KEY SOLUTIONS.

We have all the tools to get you up and running quickly and efficently.

Paperless Business Workflows are easy

with Cypher IQ Digital

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