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Our tailored process automation software approach gives your business exactly what it needs.

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Tailored process automation software designed for your organisations workflow needs. Our 3 step process gives your business exactly what it needs.

Do you need a digital workflow solution tailored to your business needs? With Cypher IQ ‘s 3 step process we get to know you and how your business works to create software specifically tailored for your business needs. And, once you’re up and running, we provide ongoing support to your staff to make sure they can get the most out of it and your business continues to grow.


Business and Process Analysis

We review your current business processes from accounts to sales and gain a thorough understanding of what your business needs from a workflow solution. This includes;

Compliance with systems.
Compliance with industry practices.
Review HR and staff requirements.
Review financial systems and processes.
Understand Workflow needs.

Understand data capturing needs.


Create your workflow software

We create a digital platform for all of your specific business needs, providing the ability for Human Resources, staff, client and financial data capturing to be integrated into the one platform. This includes;

Creation of workflows.
Setup of data capturing forms.
Setup of workflow processes.
Integration with financial software.
Integration with compliance needs.
Integration with third-party software.


Implement and train your people

Once we’ve created your workflow software solution, we come to you to implement the system and train your people to ensure everyone is comfortable with how to use the system.

Depolyment on company systems
Software training
Setup of Staff access control
Setup of Staff accessibility

All backed by our extensive support team.

Access and share data.

As your business grows Cypher IQ team will be there to support you through adding additional functionality and setting up systems to improve your digital workflow requirements. Plus our technical support team are based in Australia to provide you help when you need it.

24/7 help desk
Australian based technical team
New integrations and custom workflow additions
On-going training and software support

Increase productivity within your business.

Cypher IQ digital workflow software makes your business more productive by bringing together your people, processes and data in a single platform. Designed around your specific needs, it will save you time, save you money and increase efficiency within your business.

Forsythes Training

A complete digital transformation.

4U Care

Helping a disability care organisation to achieve it’s business goal of being Australia’s number 1 provider of quality of care.

Sweetman’s Timber

How sales process automation has helped one Hunter Valley timber business.

Industry and departmental solutions.

Our digital worflow solutions are designed for your individual business needs. Discover our workflow process to deliver a better experience for your team.

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