Taking the digital transformation leap of faith.

Taking the digital transformation leap of faith.

There seems to be a heap of Articles, BLOGS, White Papers etc etc on the reasons to Digitally Transform your business. I had a refreshing conversation with one of my Not For Profit Clients this week. Refreshing because suddenly he seemed to be reading from the same script I was preaching to him during the sales process. 18 months ago – like many people / businesses these guys were cautious about moving to digital. Not because of technology capabilities but they were making excuses that their PEOPLE couldn’t cope with it. After reassurance that we would “hand hold” (simpler way of describing change and project management) their integrations and implementations they took the leap…and havn’t looked back.

After a short while we had them set up with staff claim workflows, credit card usage request workflows, invoice approval workflows and purchase order workflows (as well as a few custom Accounts Receivable integrations). The results for this business were outstanding. Contrary to their initial caution, their employees picked up the new digital processes quickly and easily (they were actually thanking the finance department for digitising the processes) It’s amazing the influence of getting your reimbursements and travel claims paid quickly! Managers loved the visibility and ease of keeping track of staff claims and departmental invoices and the Finance team loved the digital processes as they were no longer getting information that was missing, lost docs, miss coded invoices, non approved documents etc etc

Fast Forward about 13 months and the world has been rocked by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Business not only slowed but needed to pivot with more agile thinking on how they could enable staff to continue to function in a remote / mobile way. So here’s the refreshing conversation I had with my client. He was telling me of what would have happened to his business IF THEY WERE NOT DIGITAL with their finance processes. So I asked a few questions and here are “his” top 5 things that would have occurred IF they had not adopted digital and moved away from their paper based processes:

1/ “We wouldn’t have been able to function as a business”

As a Not For Profit we have approval processes in place to manage spending and purchases. This would have been almost impossible to manage via paper and email.

2/ “business continuity”

Our staff just functioned like they had for the previous 13 months since we implemented the Cypher IQ Digital Workflow Platform. Without the platform our finance department would have needed more labour to cope with the paper heavy processes of claims and invoices.

3/ “It would have cost us more if we didn’t have the Cypher IQ Digital Workflow Platform”

Like every business we had to prioritise spending so our staff could keep performing their tasks remotely. The platform made this easy.

4/ ”We would have been 100% NON COMPLIANT”

Not For Profits have a requirement to meet strict purchase and spending delegation approvals. This includes all spending – reimbursements, invoices, credit card etc etc . There is no way we could have met these with a paper based process.

5/ “No growth”

We can provide MORE SERVCIES TO THE COMMUNITY. Having digital systems in place meant we were still planning to grow / are still growing. We are employing more people and are ready to grow the business and provide more services. Without the process efficiencies we gained from our digital systems there is no way we could have steered through the pandemic like we have. These systems are vital for us to provide more services to the community.

Cypher IQ Digital Workflow platform is a DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION software designed to enable businesses to digitise and automate any document workflows. The capabilities are endless, the results are incredible. 

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