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The Paperless Office = Jumping Hurdles.

Selling or providing technology services like we do at Cypher IQ can be difficult and demanding depending upon your audience.

An individual’s understanding of technology or what they think they understand about technology can be big hurdle’s to jump. Layer on top of this the seemingly “loose” ability claims technology businesses push with marketing (overselling capability), as well as the systematic way the world is being taught to purchase (buying off the shelf for customized / configured business tools isn’t the best idea!!!!) you start to understand that their can be quite a bit of work to do before the client signs off and implements the solution.

However……..on the other side when you jump these hurdles and have the client working with you in order to achieve their digital automation process goals, the results can be incredible.

One of our most recent installations of our service involved a Not For Profit Business (more details to come in a case study). They had a VERY VERY PAPER HEAVY and SLOW document approval process, as well as issues due to staff mobility (hard to process and approve paper when your not in the office), multi sites and the requirement to make sure approval processes were water tight due to their compliance requirements.

To put it simply now provide’s and supports a solution with mobile forms, Intelligent PDF capture, database integration and the ability to approve on any web enabled device. Accessing and Processing information has never been easier!

Don’t get me wrong, we went through our typical change management and process challenges with a customer this size , which is nothing that cant be managed with good planning. It was however extremely pleasing on a recent follow up with the CFO who was one of those hurdle’s but is now pushing for all documentation to be digital. “Just get rid of the paper”!!!!!!

It’s a great example of how jumping the initial hurdles of Technology purchasing to now changing the mindset of the most skeptical. It might just come down to listening, consulting and providing a great technology platform that can cater for ALL businesses and ALL business processes. Even better Cypher IQ will now help this business continually evolve, improve, digitize and automate their other business processes.


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