TIPS for Not For Profit Organisations and how they can limit their risk

TIPS for Not For Profit Organisations and how they can limit their risk.

We are obviously living in interesting and challenging times. And like all business sectors Not For Profit organisations face challenges.

With our Governments “social distancing policy now in play”, as well as a businesses focus on keeping staff and customers safe and healthy, all businesses have a need to be mobile, agile and remote in the way they interact with all stakeholders as well as continuing to perform our day to day business functions.

At some stage in the near future things will all go back to normal. It would be fairly ridiculous not to implement technology to limit your risk in the future or assist in overcoming the challenges you have / are experiencing today.
Here are some TIPS for Not For Profit Organisations and how they can limit their risk , and continue to perform day to day business functions.

Business Continuity Plans

These plans should involve not only the running of your network BUT there is no reason to move all your business processes to be cloud managed, accessed from any web enabled device from anywhere at anytime.

Have you got a technology strategy?

If technology isn’t your forte, you don’t notice you need technology until you …………..NEED technology!!! Every business should have a strategy on how to implement technology which links to the overall business strategy. You cant grow, you cant be more efficient, and you can’t save money without implementing technology. This should cover internal processes, external business communications, website, internal communications, and remote conferencing to name a few.

Say goodbye to Paper!

With so many people working from home is there really a reason to be using paper tin your business? Everything can be online. You will be more productive and be able to function anywhere without relying on paper based processes. If your business is using paper, and inputting data in systems manually you are missing out on the advantages of our digital and automated world!

Enterprise Over “APP”

For small businesses, apps can be handy BUT if you are a business with over 30 staff, have mobile workforce, multiple sites, managing “JOBS” and running multiple business units, you will need an application that can not only assist across the enterprise but also across multiple business processes. There aren’t many that can deliver this experience (excluding our cypheriq platform of course) but the business benefits are massive. Its all about finding a technology partner that can provide the platform, project management and change management requirements you will need.

Do it Properly!

Implementing technology will be a cost saving exercise – There is no doubt implementing technology will save your business time and money. With the ability to leverage cloud technologies you can get enterprise software and not have to buy expensive stand alone licences, as well as their supporting infrastructure needs. You will save money on your print technology investment (why you would sign up to 4 or 5 year print technology contract in todays world is crazy) , you will be able to grow without having to grow your administrative team, you will save your workforce time via having immediate access to information and you will improve your customer communication which should help you maintain and expand business opportunities

Above all else please stay safe and when the time comes it would be worthwhile learning from the challenges which your business is facing today and explore the amazing technology opportunities on offer for tomorrow.