Must haves for WHS departments

Wholistic digitisation and automation: a must have for WHS departments

There are many reasons to implement workflow automation. We find most business and business leaders want to know;

– How can the business limit risk?
– How can our processes make it safer for staff to perform their jobs?
– How can the business provide information and support to their staff?
– How can the business make it easy for staff to complete required firms and information?
– How can management view and access reports to help make qualified data base decisions?

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is a challenge for all businesses, and these types of questions run through WHS managers minds daily.

Historically WHS departments have been ladened with documentation, paperwork, and time spent ensuring compliance and reporting. Often the processes of completing and performing WHS tasks become an arduous drag for staff to be involved in.

Digitisation efforts for WHS process have been generally silo based. No doubt you’ve seen apps for incident forms or pre-checks, but these siloed approaches are ultimately made redundant by the need for a wholistic view of WHS across a business.

A wholistic view could include recruitment, induction, employee onboarding, inspection forms, incident forms, notification workflows, staff and asset management, communication, access to policy and procedures, Action Plans, Take 5, SWMS, reporting… The list goes on and on.

So, with this in mind here are three steps you can take to digitise and automate your WHS department:


Whether you have or haven’t got all required WHS processes and documentation organised, a great way to start the journey is to speak to an expert. WHS consultants will look at your current business practises, improve information collection requirements, and provide advice on where your business may be missing key requirements.


Without a streamlines content plan, you aren’t ready to digitise. The best approach is to design FORMS, WORKFLOWS, and REPORTING around your business needs. There is no use choosing a single siloed app or implement systems without having all requirements organised beforehand.


Digitisation is not a set and forget. At some point you will start a new project, provide additional services, or even have additional compliance requirements imposed on your business. The key is to ensure you have flexibility to change, manage, and improve your digital systems as your business evolves.

Cypher IQ Digital designs digital workflows to empower your organisation to stay connected more efficiently. WHS is a great example of a department that can easily leverage digitisation and automation, helping to create enormous time saving benefits, peace of mind in risk reduction, and easily maintained compliance.

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