Paperless Workflows are EASY

with Cypher IQ Digital

Workplace Health and Safety.

Paperless Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) workflows are easy with Cypher IQ Digital.

Advanced workflow experts.

Cypher IQ Digital’s Workflow Platform is the only program that combines all your workflow needs for the ENTIRE business in ONE easy to use platform.


Complete end to end workflow platform that will enhance your entire WHS needs.

• Contact and Asset CRM
• Induction Management Form
• Action Plan Form
• Site Login Form
• Hazard Inspection Form
• Safety Observation Form
• Incident Reporting Form
• Employee Ticket/Certification Management
• Poilcy and Procedure Management
• Instant Alerts
• 100% Cloud Bsed for mobile/remote workflorce



Hunter Safety Awards
Mainstream Industries
Best Safety Management System (SME) 2020

Your business benefits.

With so many business benefits to make your Finance Workflows Paperless, building your ultimate workflow for today’s digital market has never been easier.

  • Instant/Live reporting of incidents/near misses

  • Audit Trail to ensure Action Plan Management

  • Reduce the incidents and near misses in the workplace

  • Instant reporting for management

  • Fast ROI

  • Ensure compliance

  • Prompt staff to check accreditations

“The Cypher IQ system has enabled Mainstream Industries (MSI) to register ISO level accreditation as well as demonstrate to our staff that we have a high regard for their safety.
Our customers also understand that safety is our First Priority when on their sites”.

Matthew McBean – HSEC Manager

Paperless Workplace Health and Safety workflows

are easy with Cypher IQ Digital.
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